To replace your laptop’s battery, you need to know what model number it is. If there’s no indication of this on the outside or inside then look for a compatible one online by searching with keywords like “laptop batteries” in Google search bar and reading descriptions carefully before making purchases; alternatively open up webpage regarding specifications underneath physical keys near bottom edge (depending upon manufacturer).

The following are five of the best replacement batteries for an HP laptop currently available on the market, based on reviews and ratings.

Inland battery

If you’re looking for a replacement HP laptop battery, the Inland brand is an excellent choice. Their batteries use the same cells as the original HP battery, resulting in longer battery life. Unlike other vendors who use cheaper Chinese cells, Inland uses branded cells manufactured in the United States. They also use a Texas Instruments control chip to ensure optimal performance. The result is a better-performing battery with twice the lifespan of knock-offs.

Inland battery 108.V 7800mAh

Inland batteries are made from name-brand cells with identical capacity levels as the original HP battery, so you won’t have to worry about it running out before you’re done using your laptop. Unlike other vendors, which cut corners by using cheaper, unbranded cells from China, Inland uses trusted cell brands and a USA-made Texas Instruments control chip. This ensures that the cells will last for twice as long as their knockoff counterparts.

Nuon 108.V 7800mAh

When you’re working on your laptop, you need a good laptop battery. Fortunately, Nuon offers a variety of options. These batteries are available with a one-year warranty. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want a spare laptop battery. They also feature powerful Lithium-Ion chemistry and work with many different models of HP laptops, including the Pavilion and G Series. These batteries have a large capacity of 8800mAh, which can keep your personal computer running for extended periods of time.

OEM laptop battery

If you want a high-quality, long-lasting battery for your HP laptop, look no further than OEM. These batteries come with a one-year warranty and can work with many different models of HP laptops. In addition, they’re made from powerful Lithium-Ion cells that provide extended runtime. With a capacity of 8800mAh, these batteries will keep your computer running for hours on end.

Aftermarket laptop battery

Another great option for a replacement laptop battery is an aftermarket battery. These batteries are available from third-party vendors and are often cheaper than OEM options. However, it’s important to make sure that you buy from a reputable vendor to ensure that you get a high-quality product. Aftermarket batteries also come with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.


When it comes to finding the Best replacement battery for HP laptop, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to know the model number of your existing battery. Then, you can look for a compatible replacement from a reputable vendor. OEM and aftermarket options are both great choices, and you can find batteries with a variety of capacities to suit your needs. Whatever option you choose, be sure to get a high-quality product to ensure long-lasting performance.


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