If you love sewing, you must have definitely heard of a new concept known as Paperless sewing. This method does not use paper pattern pieces, nor does it involve printing, taping and cutting like tradition sewing methods. Rather, an image is projected on the pieces of cloth to be sewed using a projector like a Vankyo projector, and the seamstress follows the patterns from the image. This is a very versatile method and is slowly gaining popularity.

If you wish to try out paperless sewing, one of the first things you need to get is a mini projector. The whole process depends on the projecting power of a projector. Read on to know more about the advantages of paperless sewing as well as the best projector for this process.

Advantages Of Paperless Sewing

Take a look at the advantages that paperless sewing has, and why it is a good choice for many people.

1. No More Harming Trees

Paperless sewing reduces the dependency on paper, which is made from trees. Though there are several newer sources of making paper, without hurting trees, they may not be a very efficient choice for businesses. So, paperless sewing reduces need of paper, and hence saves trees from being cut down for providing paper.

2. No More Mess On Work Station

Paperless sewing keeps the workstation clean and organized. Since there is no use of paper pattern pieces and no longer any need for cutting and taping. It reduces the number of small pieces and keeps your work place clean.

3. Make Adjustments On The Fly

It is easy to make adjustments when you are using paperless sewing. You can change sewing patterns easily on your projector, or even change sewing pattern design midway due to several reasons. You no longer have to depend on paper pattern pieces, nor store them safely.

4. Work On Different Projects Easily

Since paperless sewing depends on projecting images of sewing patterns using a projector, it becomes simpler to switch projects or work on different projects simultaneously. If you were to use paper patterns, you would have to change the pieces or make different pieces depending on the project you are working on. As such, paperless sewing makes you more versatile in your work.

5. Perfect For Smaller Work Station

Setting up a paperless sewing station is very easy, and this kind of a setup is perfect for small workspaces. All you need is a place where you can cut and sew and a wall over it to fix your projector. You can use any decent sized table as your workspace and fix a projector over it – that is how much work space you need for paperless sewing.

Vankyo 470 Mini Projector To The Rescue

The VANKYO Leisure 470 mini projector is a great choice for you if you are looking to try out paperless sewing. One of the best features this projector offers is smart phone synchronization with WiFi. This means you can connect wirelessly and project the needed sewing patterns on your material. It offers native 720P resolution and gives great image quality with `real color so that you can follow patterns accurately.


If you are looking for mini projectors for your sewing business, there is no better option than Vankyo. They are reliable and offer great image quality for work as well as for personal purposes. Check out the range of projectors at Vankyo, you are sure to love them!


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