The exterior of our homes often goes without getting much attention when it comes to deep cleaning. However, the portion of the house bears the maximum torment of the weather. As such, the dirt and debris get stuck on the exterior, making it look untidy.

This stubbornness would not be easily cleaned by normal sweeping. You need something stronger. So, deep cleaning with a quality pressure washer will solve your untidy woes if you are hosting a party soon or looking to sell your home.

If you are still unsure whether it’s time to get a pressure wash for your home, keep reading to know all the signs that nod in the positive.

4 Signs Your House Needs a Pressure Wash

A Dull and Dirty Roof

Look towards the roof as a first sign that your home needs pressure washing. If the roof has patches or streaks of black color, they are a sign of mildew, mold, and algae growing there. This happens over time as the roof collects moisture and dirt and becomes a perfect habitat for algae.

The roof is a sensitive structure already, and if such microorganisms start growing on it, they can soon damage the roof. It may further lead to leakages, blockages, and more damage. If mold enters the house, it can cause health issues.

A discolored roof signifies that you must get pressure washing for your home.

A Deck with Layers of Debris

Another sign of pressure washing is that your deck has layers of grime, dirt, debris, rust stains, and more such filth on it. You can’t sit on the deck without getting disgusted with it. The extremely unclean deck is a sign that you need to put your money towards a makeover, especially a pressure washer, to eliminate the layer of grime and dirt.

The Increasing Energy Bills

There is a hidden sign in the increased energy bills of your home. If the energy bills have remained constant in the past months and now you are suddenly getting higher than usual bills, check the situation of your exterior immediately.

The accumulated dirt and debris can tamper with the insulation system. You will be using more units of your HVAC system to keep up with the changing weather, thereby increasing energy bills. A good pressure washing will solve this problem to the maximum extent.

The dull Siding And The Driveway

These are not the parts of the house you notice every day, even though you see them almost daily. A dull siding of the house where walls may have become unsightly due to too much dirt is a sign that you must get pressure washing done.

Moreover, a driveway filled with oil stains, dirt, grease, and other rubbish is a big sign to get to deep cleaning your house.


Pressure washing can solve your issues with stubborn stains and dirt by overriding them all. It will make the exterior of your home look brand new and fresh. If you are unsure whether you should get the pressure washing done, look for some obvious signs like spider webs, mold, mildew, dull siding, and more.

Once you get the pressure washing done to deal with all these issues, you will feel more confident in inviting people over. Enjoy your clean house.


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