Helium miner antennas are a type of antennas for helium miner devices. These devices can help us get into crypto and by mining helium, you can also earn money. Apart from that, a helium miner antenna is responsible for wireless data transmission and receiving in order to facilitate wireless communication.

In this article, we will see about helium miner antennas, the application of helium miner antennas, helium miner antenna specifications, and the best place to buy helium miner antennas.

Applications Of A Helium Miner

There are various applications of helium miner antennas. These include cellular networks, personal networks for personal uses, internet connections, and IoT devices. Let’s dive into each of the applications in detail.

1. Cellular Networks

Helium miner antennas work well with cellular networks. You’ll be able to find multiple ways on the internet that gives you step-by-step details on how you can step up these helium miner antennas over a cellular connection in the best way possible.

2. Personal Networks For Personal Uses

Personal networks for personal uses indicate the internet for household uses and small workplace or office uses.  The word personal being used here indicates that it is personal use and this personal use is limited to a relatively small action by a set of a small group of individuals and at times indicating one individual as well.

3. For Internet Connections

Yes, you can use these helium miner antennas by setting them up using the existing internet connections at your home as well. This way you can connect multiple devices over the same internet connection.

4. For IoT Devices

Some IoT devices like environmental sensors, smart pet collars, bike trackers or any other IoT device that is compatible with helium miner antennas can be connected to it. This is because this helium miner antenna gives way for people to have access to and operate the Internet of things using a wireless network connection.

Helium Miner Antenna Specifications

Now let’s move on to the list of helium miner antenna specifications which includes elements such as frequency range, durability, and lastly UV protection details.

1. Frequency Range

The frequency of helium miner antennas ranges from 860 MHz frequency bands to 930 MHz frequency bands. Some helium miner antennas are capable of operating in either 860 MHz frequency bands or 915 MHz frequency bands while some are only capable with any one of the frequency bands.

2. Durability

Regarding its durability, these helium miner antennas are extremely durable. It’s weatherproof and has a maximum input power of 100W.

3. UV Protection Details

Most of the helium miner antennas available in Tesswave are made of radome material that is UV resistant. This means that it has ensured protection against UV radiation and rays which is a good thing because it safeguards the helium miner antennas.


Tesswave is highly recommended for you to get your helium miner antennas because you can choose the best-suited helium miner antenna according to your preference from the list of helium miner antennas they offer. Some of the helium miner antennas they offer are Outdoor fiberglass helium miner antennas, High gain fiberglass helium miner antennas, External LoRa helium miner antennas, and a lot more.


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