As the name implies, a magnetic pogo pin connector is a pogo pin connector with a magnet having different pin numbers like 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, up to 7-pin. Magnetic pogo connectors are usually divided into 1-8pin groups based on how many interfaces they have. They can also be designed and made to fit the customer’s needs.

So, in order for a manufacturer to sell magnetic pogo pin connectors they should make the original design based on customers’ application and performance needs. This means that the manufacturer needs to be able to do R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service all in one place.

Charging Small Appliances

Small appliances have typically been charged using a USB or DC charger. Introduced in 2010, Apple’s Macbook sparked a flurry of new charging methods, including the widespread adoption of magnetic charging across various industries. In other words, which of the many smart little appliances you use every day will have Pogo pin magnetic connectors?

Below are some of the appliances where you can use magnetic connectors.

Appliances such as a juicer, heated baby bottle, smart thermal insulation cup, air purifier, insulated lunch box, curling iron, beauty tool, and more are available today.

The circular Pogopin magnetic charging base, the track-shape charging, the honeycomb magnetic charging cable, the lateral automatic charging of the round connector, etc., are all examples of typical applications of magnetic pogo connectors found in smart home appliances.

As a result of its novel nature, automatic positioning non-directional, highest use cycle, and other advantages, the Pogo pmagnetic charging method has quickly gained favor across a wide range of sectors.

Other Application Fields and Products

  • The electronics industry such as smartphones, tablet computers, LED lamps, printers, atomizer electronic cigarettes, and notebooks.
  • Smart wearable items like a headset, smart bracelet, TWS Bluetooth headset, smart watch, smart clothing, etc.
  • Big health products, intelligent data centers, intelligent robots, UAV equipment, and portable equipment.
  • Medical equipment, industrial electronics, military, and police equipment, aerospace electronics, automotive electronics, and 5G communication electronics.

Advantages of Using Magnetic Pin Connector

The following is a list of benefits of pogo pin magnetic connectors, which can be designed in various shapes and structures depending on the different application scenarios.

  • It is possible to achieve automatic adsorption, automatic orientation, light-off operation, and zero insertion force, so it is possible to establish a secure connection in inaccessible places.
  • When the plug or wire harness is under extreme tension, it can be quickly and easily disconnected to prevent injury to the user or equipment damage.
  • Both the male and female ends of the cable have a shallow installation depth thanks to the female end’s solid PIN structure, which frees up more room on the equipment end.
  • The waterproof design and the host female end can be made IP68 waterproof and dustproof.
  • Sturdy, can’t be broken and doesn’t vibrate.
  • Fast charging time and less time consuming because of its 5A-10A high current transmission design.
  • Easy to clean.

Transmission of power (including charging), data transmission, and video transmission are the three primary functions of the pogo pin magnetic connector (signal and data transmission function).


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