Life can have several uncertainties at times, but despite all of these, you should make yourself happy! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you deal with. There is always something you can do to get cool happy mood vibes.

Neon strip lights could be the therapy you need. There are tons of things to do using these rope lights without beating yourself up. Where do you spend much of your time? Do you think neon strip lights can fit the space?

Not only are these rope lights perfect for an emotional touch, but also essential for monetizing your business. It only takes a bit of creativity and an outstanding strip light of an average cross-section like 7×14.5mm, depending on your space.

How to Decorate a Building with Neon Strip Lights?

The world is gradually developing, and every sector is boarding these developments, including the building sector. Nowadays, buildings are not entirely made of blocks, you must have noticed several flats with tall glass windows and others completing their lintel with stylish plastic slabs. So here are your cool ideas to shine and decorate any space:

Think of the Future

Having the perfect neon strip lights could mean a lot in your decoration bucket. For instance, if you are a gamer, you do not need a bright light in your room; instead, you need an inviting ambiance. Imagine having a galaxy arena using several unicolor strips; the key is converting your whole space into something out of this world.

Businesses in late-night operations too stand high chances of having something out of space. These include customized staircases up, including the rails.

Make Your Items Stand Out

If you are running a business, this is the best idea; focus on key areas within your space and introduce neon strip lights there. It could be on the name tag, around a trending product, or unique artwork on the wall. It will do a lot in inviting more customers to your premises. So you got to be creative and work with the neon light strips appropriately.

Create a Separate Unique Space

The creation of unique spaces varies depending on the immediate place you intend to use the rope lights. If you have a cyber café or a business that does not require much external light, you can customize your under tables to shine some specific light. It is best to use a unicolor neon strip light for uniform illumination of such spaces.

Using a standard rope such as a 7×14.5mm powered by 120Volts is perfect for elevating your customers’ mood.

How Do You Fix Flickering Neon Strip Lights?

Even after countless hours designing patterns and customizing neon strip lights, their functionality might tempt your patience.  So, it is essential that you be prepared just in case the strip fails to glow.

If the rope flickers:

  • Flickering results from poor connections. Therefore, it would be best to move the neon strip around a solderless connector to reduce or stop the flickering.
  • It could be a problem with your dimming controls, probably the electric and magnetic contacts behind the dimmer failure. So removing the dimmers and any other controllers will stop the flickering.
  • Flickering can also result from voltage drop. So minimizing your neon rope strip length should help maximize the present power supply.

When looking for unicolor neon rope lights, make sure to check with Shine Décor for the best pricing policy and many other products related to neon strip lights.


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